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Coś dla kociarzy! New Dorling Kindersley Multimedia DK Eyewitness Virtual Reality Cats Popular

Cokolwiek by to nie było, zaintrygowało mnie szalenie. Opis jeszcze bardziej wzmaga moją ciekawość, co to może być?!

Imagine your own virtual museum devoted to cats! Take a guided tour or wander at will through the interactive exhibits in this groundbreaking disk and enter the intriguing world of cats. Kids will have so much fun with Eyewitness Virtual Reality Cat that they won’t even know that it is an educational program!

  • Eyewitness Virtual Reality Cats.
  • Begin a guided tour or wander through the exhibits at your own pace.
  • You will learn about the history of the cat and every cat species, their habitats, personalities, and survival techniques.
  • Witness speeding cheetahs bringing down their prey.
  • Product images may differ from actual product appearance.


Niesamowite, prawda? Jest tu wszystko – augmented reality, virtual museum, virtual reality i koty. Żyć nie umierać za jedyne 15,99 USD po zniżce.

Ja tymczasem wybiorę zwykłe, rude, codzienne reality.